Pat Currie
Vancouver, British Columbia
Course Facilitator

Pat Currie was introduced to the work of Dr. Gordon Neufeld when her daughter was 4 years old. Her family encountered struggles that needed a new way of looking at her behaviour. In attending Dr. Neufeld's Intensives, Pat felt she found the 'new eyes', which did help the family to move forward. Pat decided to herself train to be a Neufeld Course Facilitator to share her insights in Dr. Neufeld's developmental approach.

For Pat, the strength of Dr. Neufeld's attachment paradigm is that it gives words and affirmation to her instincts. Pat credits these instincts to her grandmother, whom she saw build a family and community through truly connecting with all whom she met. This deep appreciation for her grandmother's natural ability to connect with people inspires Pat in both her parenting and in her facilitating. Pat welcomes people into her classes with the warmth of a kitchen get-together. She shares this attachment paradigm with personal experiences together with a strong understanding intuitively of what our children need.

Pat lives in East Vancouver with her partner of 20 years, two children ages 13 and 11 years, one cat, and 4 gerbils.

Pat offers the following courses to parents, grandparents, nannies and anyone who has a child in their care. The courses are held in different venues within Vancouver: Neighbourhhood Houses, Community Centres or in your home if it can be arranged.

All courses consist of a one-hour video viewing and one hour discussion each week for the number of sessions the course requires.

The Power to Parent Series

Power to Parent I: The Vital Connection (This is an 8 session course.)

Power to Parent II: Helping Children Grow Up (This is an 8 session course.)

Power to Parent III: Common Challenges (This is an 8 session course.)

Making Sense of Counterwill (This is a 4 session course.)

Making Sense of Aggression (This is a 4 session course.)

Making Sense of Play (This is a 2 session course that can be run as a 4 hr. one day course or 2hrs and meet twice.)

Making Sense of Discipline (This is a 4 session course.)

Making Sense of Anxiety (This is a 4 session course.)

Making Sense of Preschoolers (This is a 6 session course.)

If you have a group and would like to arrange a course please contact Pat.