Mexico City, Mexico
Course Facilitator

Marifer Calderón, interested in child development, studied Neurolinguistics and specialized in cognition and language.  In her private practice she understood the importance of adults in children and adolescent’s lives, so she decided to lead parents and teachers. Marifer is certified by different education and parenting programs, and has a Master Degree as a Family Counselor.

In 2015, she met the Developmental Integrative Approach, finding answers for her own parenting and in tune with her way of thinking. She was invited to review the second Spanish edition of the book Rest, Play, Grow.

Marifer facilitates Dr. Neufeld´s Vital Connection, Helping Children Grow Up, Common Challenges, Teachability Factor, Making Sense of Adolescence, Adolescence and Sexuality, Making Sense of Discipline, Heart Matters: the Science of Emotion, and Making Sense of Preschoolers in Mexico City.