Mexico City, Mexico
Course Facilitator

Marifer Calderón studied Neurolinguistics and has a specialization in Language and Cognition. She has worked as a learning and speech therapist, offering orientation, consultancy, and evaluation to young children and adolescents, she realized that many of her client's problems came from an inappropriate relationship with the adults in charge.  That's why, she decided to help adults in children's life to understand both, their development and needs. Since 2004, she has been certified as a guide from different parenting and education programs, running workshops and conferences for parents, educators, and professionals in the area.

She facilitates Dr. Neufelds Vital Connection, Helping Children Grow Up, Common Challenges, Teachability Factor, Making Sense of Adolescence, Adolescence and Sexuality, Emotions and Making Sense of Preschoolers in Mexico City.