Lisa Weiner, MSN
Parent Consultant
Faculty Intern

Lisa Weiner is a nurse practitioner, parent consultant and parent educator in Portland, Oregon

In addition to teaching parenting classes, Lisa also has a parent consulting practice where she supports parents of children of all ages.

Lisa is frequently called upon by parent-teacher associations to give talks on topics ranging from anxiety to adolescence and enjoys the challenge of creating an insight-based talk for issues that parents or school communities are facing.

Since Lisa first found the Neufeld Insititute (after reading Hold On to Your Kids which resonated with her deeply) she has found that The Neufeld Paradigm has deeply enriched her own parenting, her understanding of herself and her appreciation of the wonders of human development.

Lisa’s style is warm, supportive and down-to-earth. She is the mother of two boys, ages 11 and 14.

Lisa loves teaching classes to parents, teachers and helping professionals in Portland, Oregon and is available to teach courses around the Western United States. Lisa is available to teach the following courses:
  • Making Sense of Adolescence
  • Making Sense of Anxiety
  • Alpha Children
  • Adolescence and Sexuality
  • Power to Parent I and II
  • Heart Matter: The Science of Emotion
  • Play 101