Jule Epp, Dipl-Psych
International Director for German
Berlin, Germany
Course Facilitator
Parent Consultant

Jule is a psychologist, therapist, parent consultant and presenter living in Berlin, Germany for the last 26 years. Jule directs the Neufeld Institute’s German language program. Originally from Vancouver, B.C., Canada, she was a student of Gordon Neufeld's at the University of British Columbia, which is how she was exposed to the developmental, attachment approach that became the foundation of her academic and professional work. Her experiences with her own hypersensitive son paved the way for her passion for the field of autism and play. For over 10 years she worked directly with children and adolescents diagnosed with autism - in their homes, in schools and kindergartens, and in a regional autism centre. Jule is now in private practice offering workshops and online consultations for parents and professionals who have children diagnosed with autism in their care.