Jonas Himmelstrand
International Director of Sweden
Geta, Finland
Course Facilitator
Jonas Himmelstrand is a Swedish educator and personal growth consultant. He is also a faculty member of the Neufeld Institute. He was trained as a University Chemist, studied Social Anthropology, and eventually chose to work with people. Jonas has worked for 40 years as a consultant to businesses, public offices and schools in the areas of personal growth, leadership and education. In raising three children, Jonas has found himself having opposing views to the public Swedish family policies, which focus on early day care and school. He has written a book about family policies and the challenges of personal growth in Sweden. Jonas came into contact with Dr. Neufeld’s material in 2007 through Hold On to Your Kids. He got the book translated to Swedish, and has since become Dr. Neufeld’s Swedish representative. Jonas is an experienced educator, teaching both in English and his native Swedish. He has a unique understanding of the Neufeld approach in the context of the Swedish educational system and family culture.
As the Neufeld International Director of Sweden Jonas offers the Neufeld approach in Sweden, Norway and the Swedish speaking areas of Finland. He offers Neufeld online courses, study-days and lectures, both open events and in-house. Jonas is an experienced and highly inspirational international speaker presenting both in English and his native Swedish. He presents to teachers, helping professionals, parents, policy-makers, political leaders and mixed audiences, both in Sweden and abroad. Events includes most Neufeld topics both live and facilitated online courses, as well as his own presentations on family policies and homeschooling. Jonas also offers consultation to individual schools, as well as to school-boards and political decision-makers on how to implement the Neufeld developmental paradigm. Jonas also has long-term experience working with children with special needs. He will work easily with both individual teachers and officials, as well as with teams and boards. Please see the Swedish Neufeld website – – for more information about courses, study days and presentation topics.