Janet Arsenault, MSW, RSW Clinical Regsitry
Calgary, Alberta
Course Facilitator

Janet is a Registered Clinical Social Worker in Calgary, Alberta, who works as a mental health therapist in the area of school-based mental health services. She has nineteen years experience working with children, adolescents and their families in a variety of different settings. Her professional practice is informed by Dr. Neufeld's paradigm, but most importantly, this approach helps her and her husband on the journey of raising their two sons.

Janet has completed the Facilitator Training Program at the Neufeld Institute and continues to engage in educational opportunities through the Neufeld Campus.

Janet works full time as a mental health therapist within schools and enjoys a small private practice. She offers consultation to schools, agencies and families. She also provides presentations at conferences and other community events. Janet currently offers Power to Parent I, II, and III as well as The Teachability Factor. Theses courses are offered through her practice or can be arranged via agency requests.