Heather Ferguson, MA, RCC
Registered Clinical Counsellor
Cobble Hill, British Columbia
Course Facilitator
Parent Consultant
Heather Ferguson, MA brings compassion, humour, and cutting-edge neuroscience to the heroic quest of our time -- how to raise resilient children. Through the lens of evidence-based developmental and relationship theory, she guides parents and professionals to a deeper understanding of the roots of children’s challenging and troubling behaviour. Heather is a faculty member of the Neufeld Institute and a Clinical Counsellor who works with adults, adolescents, and couples in person and online in her Vancouver Island-based practice. A steadfast advocate for children and the adults who seek to understand them, Heather has a warm and playful approach. Adults leave her courses, presentations, and sessions heartened and ready to lead struggling children toward emotional health and well-being.
Heather is a Neufeld Institute Faculty member, Parent Consultant, and authorized Neufeld Course Facilitator offering courses online and throughout Vancouver Island and further afar to parents, educators, helping professionals, and care providers. She is able to facilitate all of the Neufeld Institute courses, including:
  • Alpha Children
  • Heart Matters: The Science of Emotion
  • Intensive I, II, and III
  • Power to Parent I: The Vital Connection
  • Power to Parent II: Helping Children Grow Up
  • Power to Parent III: Common Challenges
  • Making Sense of Adolescence
  • Making Sense of Aggression
  • Making Sense of Anxiety
  • Making Sense of Attention Problems
  • Making Sense of Counterwill
  • Making Sense of Discipline
  • Making Sense of Preschoolers
  • Making Sense of Resilience
  • Preserving Play in a Digital World
For more information about Heather`s courses and presentations, please visit her website, www.heatherfergusonconsulting.com.