Bree Jordan, BS
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Faculty Intern
Course Facilitator
Bree Jordan holds a BS in psychology from the University of Winnipeg and has had her life-long learning spirit considerably supported by the Neufeld Institute for many years. Bree is currently homeschooling her two children and volunteers as a Crisis Counsellor while pursing a Graduate Degree in Counselling Pschology. Bree has worked with children of all ages in various capacities and levels of challenges in schools and in group home settings. Bree is passionate about the Neufeld approach, helping caring adults make sense of children and bringing clarity to what moves us, what brings us together and what pulls us apart. Bree`s creative energy illuminates the importance of relationship, emotion and play to our maturation and healing processes.
Bree works with parents and schools to bring insight and play to our lives and ways of relating. Bree is able to adapt course material to fit into half day, full day or multiday PD for schools.

  • Play 101
  • Resilience
  • Alpha Children
  • Making Sense of Anxiety
  • Science of Emotion