Betty Goldberg, MA en Psicología
Facilitadora Autorizada
Mexico City, Mexico
Course Facilitator

Betty Goldberg is a therapist with a Masters in Clinical Psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She was trained in Baltimore, Maryland. The mother of 3 children, she is the Founder and Director of the Comprehensive Educational Psychology Center, with 30 years experience in the management of anxiety disorders and depression. She advises parents and teachers on issues of family relationship and is currently using Dr. Neufeld’s model in private practice. She is interested in guiding parents in Dr. Neufeld’s model to help them develop a greater understanding of how to engage their children in order to establish deeper and more meaningful relationships.

Betty Goldberg is authorized to facilitate Power to Parent l: Vital Connection; Power to Parent ll: Helping Children Grow Up; Power to Parent III: Common Challenges; and Teachability Factor in Mexico City.