Anyone who has taken a Neufeld Institute course – online as a campus course, on-site as a videocourse, or live from Dr. Neufeld or one of our faculty – is eligible for a subscription to the Neufeld Virtual Campus. Annual subscriptions are $150, discounted to $120 for renewals while still on campus. The benefits of…

Access to campus is not automated. We first need to install you on campus and then in the right course and in the right roles. Once we have done this, we send you an email with your login information. We try to do this within a couple of business days of you registering, but sometimes…

Access to previous course material is not offered while on a study pass. However, this is one of the many perks that come with annual campus membership. We would highly recommend this.

We’re glad that you miss us. Your best bet is to contact the Campus Registrar  and she will let you know your options in order to regain access.

You have two options. You can either purchase a one-time 3 month study pass extension for $45 CAD through your personal online account on campus OR you can purchase a campus membership for a year for a discounted price of $120. Once you have lost access to campus the membership fee is the regular $150.

For the Intensive courses you have access for eight months and for all other courses you have access for four months.

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