For campus subscribers who have taken the Intensive II, we provide another level of study at a depth previously only available to our facilitators-in-training. We have created this opportunity in response to many who have told us that they are wanting to study more deeply, building on the Intensive II foundation, but are not particularly interested in facilitating one of our courses, at least not at this time. This enables Intensive II graduates to take these advanced courses side-by-side with facilitators-in-training, without having to sign up for the two-year facilitator training program.

These advanced courses are offered simultaneously with our Institute-scheduled online campus courses. All students participate in the regular class during the first hour, and then the advanced students and facilitators-in-training remain for a second hour of support that assumes an Intensive II background.

To preserve the level of interaction in these courses, there are some qualifying criteria. There is no application form per se, but rather students must have submitted an acceptable completion assignment for Intensive II. If not familiar with how to do this, please download this pdf.

We need a couple of days to process the completion assignment. Campus members will need to check back to their personal online account (Advanced Courses Qualification tab) to see if they have the green light to register for any upcoming advanced courses.

If not currently subscribed to campus, this must be done first. The annual fee is $150, but discounted to $120 if done from the Personal Online Account on campus. As a reminder, the main perks, in addition to the campus resources and discussion forum, are access to any of the courses already taken (including the video lecture material), monthly Q&As with faculty, discounts for DVDs, and complimentary access to recorded online presentations.

If currently on campus with a study pass, the unused study pass time will be added to your year subscription.

It is certainly possible for advanced students to cross over to facilitator training, if they decide later that they would like to facilitate a course. Information on how to do this is available on campus. If you have any questions regarding advanced courses, please contact Christie Mackie, director of advanced courses.