This special Onsite Week Intensive consists of two separate courses: Play & Attachment as well as Play & Emotion. Please consult these separate courses for detailed descriptions of content as well as for the required prerequisites. Intensive II: The Separation Complex is also a prerequisite for this Advanced Intensive.

Course Description

The Onsite Week Intensive is a special opportunity to take these two ground-breaking courses on play together. These courses are specially suited to taking live and onsite. Not only does carving out the space in one’s life allow for reflection on a vital activity that is fast disappearing from our lives, but it also enables one to take part in interactive exercises that can assist in this reflection. We highly recommend the onsite experience if at all possible.

The fifteen sessions of these combined courses (6 and 8 plus 1 for review) are spread over five days, with sessions ending at 1:30pm in the afternoon to allow for time with family, or for being a tourist, or to further digest the material. We try to locate the course in a destination venue to allow for the occasion to be used for multiple purposes. The focus is on play as it relates to the dynamics of attachment and emotion in the life of both children and adults. A primary objective in these courses is to nurture playfulness in our children as well as in ourselves.


These are universal themes with universal applications. One can come for oneself, or as a parent, teacher, or therapist.  No previous knowledge of the current literature on play and emotion is required. What IS required is a basic understanding of the attachment-based developmental approach and hence the need to have taken the two foundational Intensives first. Also required is a familiarity with the emotion and play material as given in the courses of the same name, in order to set the stage for focusing on the relationship between these dynamics.

Registration Details

This course is currently only available in live format. It is not available through Continuing Education. Please check the Events page for future offerings.

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