Sandi Beebe, BSc Ed
Retired Teacher
New Carlisle, Quebec
Course Facilitator

Sandi Beebe, a retired teacher, has been working with youth
for over 40 years. By offering an accepting and non-judgemental environment,
she believes that people can express themselves creatively and openly.

As well, she seeks to inspire parents and caregivers to make
sense of children from the inside out, by encouraging them to use natural
intuition to understand and connect with young people of all ages.

Sandi offers the complete Power to Parent series:

- Power to Parent I: The Vital Connection

- Power to Parent II: Helping children Grow Up

- Power to Parent III: Common Challenges

As well as the following:

- Making Sense of Adolescence

- Making Sense of Aggression

- Making sense of Anxiety

For information about her upcoming courses, please see the calendar page, or contact Sandi.