Tel Aviv, Israel
Course Facilitator

Ruth Dariel, holds a Masters degree in Art Therapy, and is also a certified Psychotherapist, graduate of a three-year program of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy at Bar Ilan University, Israel. Her experience for the last 15 years includes working at a treatment center for women and adolescents with eating disorders, at a special psychiatric school for children, and at a parent-child therapy center, a clinic for consultation for parents and children. In addition, Ruth studied family therapy, trauma and sexual abuse therapy.

Ruth was introduced to the attachment-developmental approach after meeting challenges in her motherhood, and discovered depth and wisdom in this approach which influenced both her parenthood and her professional practice.
After completing Intensives 1 and 2, her desire to deepen her knowledge in the Neufeld paradigm led her to the two year Course Facilitator Diploma Program with her Faculty Adviser, Shoshana Hayman. In Ruth's words, “The unique approach of Dr. Neufeld connected my wisdom, heart and intuition. Finally I feel at home. For the last few years I live my life by this approach and feel almost infinite growing processes as a wife, mother, human being and  therapist. After many years of work as an adult and child therapist, I am focusing now on working with parents, as a result of a strong belief that parents have the greatest power to parent their children."

Ruth Lives in Tel Aviv with her spouse and their three children.

Ruth facilitates Power to Parent l: The Vital Connection; Power to Parent ll: Helping Children Grow Up; Power to Parent lll: Common Challenges. She also facilitates Making Sense of Discipline and Making Sense of Preschoolers. Ruth provides private consultation to parents.