Rosa Mari Dot
Mexico City, Mexico
Course Facilitator

I am a psychologist with a masters degree in psychopedagogy. I worked in two different schools as a pre-schooler psychologist, then I started my private practice as a psychopedagogist: I like working with kids and their families. My husband and I have three wonderful kids: they are growing really fast. I first learned of Neufeld´s approach through his book “Hold on to Your Kids” after his visit to Mexico city in 2009. When I began reading it I had the sensation that finally someone was describing what I was thinking was happening with our parenting in our society. I want to prepare mothers to become mothers and to make for them and for the new family everything more easy. I´m interested in helping families rediscover the natural order of things and to help children grow up.

Rosa María delivers Power to Parent l: The Vital Connection; Power to Parent ll: Helping Children Grow Up; Power to Parent lll: Common Challenges in Mexico City.