Pamela Cassis, MA
Mexico City, Mexico
Course Facilitator

Pamela has a degree in Communications and a major in Psychology. She has a certification in Psychology and Human Development.  She is certified in coaching. She received her Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy. She is also an advisor for the GCI Institute, which is based in Jungian Analysis. She works at her private practice giving therapy to adults and couples, and advice to families. 

Her first encounter with Neufeld's approach was eight years ago when taking Intensive 1 with Marcela Escalera. She expressed: “I was trapped in this model. This model is a philosophy in life for me. I can´t think of any other way of human relationships.”

Pamela is the mother of three. 

Pamela facilitates Dr. Neufeld´s Vital Connection, Helping Children Grow Up, Common Challenges, Emotions, Play and Preschoolers in Vistahermosa, in Mexico City.