Eli, Israel
Course Facilitator

Orit Hayman received her degree in Social Work from Ariel University, in the division for family care and welfare.  She has experience treating a wide range of problems in programs provided by the Israel Ministry of Welfare.  She has also worked at a hostel with autistic children. 

Orit presently directs a daycare centre in Eli, in the Binyamin Region of Israel. She trains and guides the caregivers in seeing the children in their care from the inside, creating an environment that is warm and homelike, attachment safe and developmentally friendly, according to the Neufeld Paradigm.  

Orit studied the Intensive 1 and Intensive 2, and has completed her authorization to deliver all three courses of the Power to Parent series: The Vital Connection, Helping Children Grow Up, and Common Childhood Challenges. 

Orit lives in the town of Eli, with her husband and their three children.

Orit Hayman facilitates all three courses of the Neufeld Institute's Power to Parent Series.