Michael Laffin cria/circ
Blainville, Quebec
Course Facilitator

Michael has over 25 years of background in counselling in a national organization. He held various positions throughout his career and was a Senior Counsellor (over 15 years) working with the President and Vice-Presidents within the Organizational Development and Training department. He has extensive experience in training, coaching, facilitating and mentoring adults. He is also a graduate of a private three year program in counselling for adults.

Michael has been involved with the Neufeld Institute since the summer of 2007 when he took the two Intensive programs (levels 1 2). He has been actively building a private practice known as “Global Attachment” where he is offering to facilitate courses in both English and French.  Michael is also a member of the French translation group for the Neufeld Institute. Most importantly, he is the father of two school-aged children who puts Dr. Neufeld’s approach to use in his own daily life as a parent.

Power to Parent: The Vital Connection

Michael offers Power to Parent: the Vital Connection to parents and/or teachers on an “as-requested” basis. He is presently involved in a project within the Autism community and would like to share Dr. Neufeld’s paradigm within this population group.