Marla Klyne Kolomaya
School Counsellor
St. Martin, Manitoba
Faculty Intern

Marla is a school counsellor and parent consultant. She first heard Dr. Neufeld speak while she was searching for answers for some really challenging issues she was seeing families struggling with. Learning about what children require to reach their full potential began to transform the relationships she had with children at school. She was particularly drawn to the warmth and intuitive care of the approach as well as how right it felt to walk alongside parents as their natural and rightful inner wisdom is restored. She became passionate about sharing this approach with others who were yearning to make sense of the kids in their care. Marla’s work is now informed by Dr. Neufeld's developmental paradigm exclusively. She also enjoys playing at being the occasional ranch hand for her husband on their farm. Marla delights in spending time with family; particularly relishing in any moments she gets with her nieces and nephews, watching them blossom and grow.


Marla is available to offer online courses to groups including parents, educators and helping professionals who are yearning to make sense of complex problems and behaviours they are encountering with children and adolescents in their care. Marla also gives talks, and offers case consultations and parent consulting.