Marie Chernen
Vancouver, British Columbia
Course Facilitator

Marie Chernen is an authorized Neufeld Course Facilitator. She has been working with Dr. Neufeld's paradigm for over 9 years. She has two children and understands how hard it can be to parent in today's culture. Integrating Dr. Neufeld's work into her own life has deeply enriched her experience as a parent, wife and friend. To her workshops she brings compassion, humility and a deep desire to help parents better understand their children.

I offer the courses listed below in Vancouver, BC. The groups are small (8-12) and are open to parents, grandparents, nannies, teachers and others working with children and adolescents. Each session of a course consists of the video material featuring Dr. Gordon Neufeld, appropriate stories, and discussion. I provide the group with privacy, a warm, welcoming atmosphere, and also a small snack. Upcoming courses are listed in this website by starting date.


Power to Parent 1: The Vital Connection

Power to Parent 2: Helping Children Grow Up

Power to Parent 3: Common Challenges

Making Sense of Discipline