Maria Esther Martinez
Facilitadora Autorizada
Mexico City, Mexico
Course Facilitator

I was born in Mexico, City. I am a mother of two teenagers. I studied for my career in Therapy of language and learning; also a specialty in Logo therapy and Thanatology and another in Psychotherapy Gestalt. This has complemented all my studies. My work has been focused in working with children and teenagers and helping their parents. I have been working in this area for 22 years. Dr. Neufeld's material has helped me to comprehend and accompany my teenager son that presents with attention deficit and all the families of my patients that have some kind of problems with their sons and daughters. That’s why I enjoy so much working with them and their parents and love to accompany them in there process.

Mara Esther delivers Power to Parent l: Vital Connection; Power to Parent ll: Helping Children Grow Up; Power to Parent lll: Common Challenges, in Mexico City.