Lynda Springer
Bozeman, Montana
Course Facilitator

Lynda lives in Bozeman, Montana, where she and her husband are raising two adopted boys, ages 7 & 13, and two birth children, now aged 20 and 24.   Lynda educates parents, especially foster and adoptive parents, for public and private agencies in Montana. She is informed by Dr. Neufeld's approach both in her work and in the parenting of her four children.

Lynda offers Power to Parent I: The Vital Connection; Power to Parent II: Helping Children Grow Up, and Power to Parent III: Common Challenges.

She also makes presentations to parent groups, especially foster and and adoptive parents. Her presentation topics include Understanding the Roots of Aggression, How to Soften a Child`s Defenses, Discipline That Does Not Divide, and other topics of specific interest to the foster and adopt communities.  

Please contact Lynda if you are interested in these presentations or in attending Dr. Neufeld`s new 8-session course, The Art and Science of Transplanting Children, which specifically addresses the needs of foster/adoptive families.