Karen Bekman, MPsy
Facilitadora autorizada
Mexico City, Mexico
Course Facilitator

My field of study is focused on working with children and their parents. I majored in Psychology at the Universidad Iberoamericana in México City, México. Following my undergraduate studies I completed a Masters in Psychology from the Universidad Anahuac in México City, México. Since 1997, I have been conducting psychoeducational evaluations in my own private clinic. I am also trained as an instructor in sexual education (IMIFAP) and have taught courses to adolescent teens. Currently, I am specializing in neuropsychology. As of 1998, I have taught several undergraduate courses at the Universidad Anahuac; in 2001 I was given the position of coordinator in the clinical area of the Masters department at this same university.  

My family is my life’s priority. My husband, Sergio and I have two wonderful sons, Alan, who is 15 years old and Eric, 12 years old. Coming across the Neufeld model has shed a new light on my life. Overall this model makes sense to me and falls in place with my way of thinking and how I am raising my sons. I enjoy working with parents and would love to focus more in this area. 

Karen delivers Power to Parent l: The Vital Connection; Power to Parent ll: Helping Children Grow Up and the Teachability Factor in Mexico City.