Hans-Jörg Strahm, MTh
Seftigen, Switzerland
Course Facilitator

In 2012, I began my training at the Neufeld institute. For the last several years I have been caring for our household with three children and homeschooling two of them. I hold a degree as a sanitary plumber and designer. I studied theology starting in 1995 and finished with a master’s degree (M.A in theology) in 2000. I worked as a pastor for fifteen years, while I was the head of study at the theological institute IGW in Switzerland.

Hans-Jörg is is a certified facilitator in Power to Parent I: The Vital Connection, Making Sense of Preschoolers, Making Sense of Aggression, Making Sense of Discipline and Making Sense of Adolescence.

As Parant Consultant, Hans-Jörg's focus clientele is parents.