Gabriela Shani
Bney brak, Israel
Course Facilitator

Gabriela Shani studied "Circular Breathing Methods" of Carol Lampman of the United States, and for a number of years facilitated groups and offered private consultation and treatment.  In addition, Gabriela facilitated groups for women after birth.  For many years before she began her own family, Gabriela worked with children in different settings and accumulated valuable experience .  She served as a kindergarten teacher in an anthroposophic kindergarten in Israel.  After her daughter was born, Gabriela decided to remain at home to raise her, and three years later gave birth to her second child, a son.  She plans to continue to homeschool her children.  Gabriela's daily encounters with the challenges and dilemmas of parenting brought her to the Neufeld approach. 

In her own words, "The Neufeld Paradigm opened my eyes and my heart, and I very quickly felt the need to learn this approach in depth and share it with others.  I believe that this approach has changed my life, not only in my parenting but for me personally., and I see that this is so for others whose lives I touch.  I feel that the material has helped me turn inward to my own essence where I have encountered my own healthy intuition and my confidence in raising my children." 

Gabriela offers the Power to Parent, Part 1 Vital Connection, Part 2 Helping Children Grow Up, and Part 3 Common Challenges. She also offers Making Sense of Preschoolers.