Eva Farber
rosh aayin, Israel
Course Facilitator

Eva Farber facilitates courses for parents and provides private consultation. She was first exposed to the field of attachment when her first son was born. Eva trained to consult parents on breastfeeding, natural child care and problems related to issues such as eating problems, sleep problems, elimination problems, problems related to adapting to kindergarten or school and behavior problems.

When Eva was introduced to the Neufeld Paradigm, she realized she had found the missing piece that connected the dots of her work for her. Her own understanding of herself and her children deepened through studying the Intensive 1 and Intensive 2. Eva decided to focus her role as mother and her professional career on the developmental-attachment approach, and became authorized to facilitate the Power to Parent course. In Eva's own words, "As I continue to study the Neufeld courses, I am excited and dedicated to share this approach with an open heart." Eva plans to continue exploring the Neufeld Paradigm as fully as possible in order to help parents on their journey of understanding their children and helping them grow up.

Eva lives in Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel, with her husband and two sons.

Eva facilitates the Power to Parent series (Vital Connection, Helping Children Grow Up and Common Challenges) as well as Making Sense of Preschoolers.