Elisabeth Lexow
Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator
Whitehorse, Yukon
Course Facilitator

Elisabeth is an authorized Neufeld Course Facilitator and Equine Facilitated Learning Facilitator. She is currently employed by Gentle Steps Family Support Center in Watson Lake, Yukon.

Elisabeth has worked with high needs children and adolescents in an Equine Assisted Setting since 2007. She consults with parents and other adult caregivers individually to help them make sense of children from the inside out. She feels passionate about helping parents and caregivers to gain confidence that they are the best bet for the development of the children in their charge.

Elisabeth is the mother of one delightful son, and Dr. Neufeld’s approach has had a big impact on her own journey of parenthood and home schooling.

Elisabeth keeps deepening her understanding of the attachment-based developmental approach of Dr. Neufeld with ongoing training in new courses.

Elisabeth is an authorized Neufeld Course Facilitator and offers the following courses for the public, agencies, private groups and schools:

  • Power To Parent I: The Vital Connection, Power To Parent II: Helping Children Grow Up, Power To Parent III: Common Challenges

  • Making Sense of Adolescence

  • Making Sense of Aggression

  • Making Sense of Play

  • Making Sense of Discipline

  • Adolescence and Sexuality

She also offers individual parent consulting for parents and foster parents.