A.C. Deuber-Gassner
Breastfeeding Support
Cambrils, Spain
Course Facilitator

Españia, Cambrils / Schweiz, Walenstadt
married since 1995, 3 children (born in 2000, 2002, 2009)

In my life in motherhood and partnership I experience every day what major influence our educational constitution has on our sate personally to each and the family as a whole. The contact with the people in the personal accompaniment, offered since 2004, the lectures and courses allows me also to look at the needs of society.
My constant endeavor is to further develop my own abilities to take the sensitivities and needs of my environment and of successful support to promote the binding understanding and thereby to contribute to well-being.

Certified Facilitator since 2012.Offer:
  • Personal conversations / accompaniment
  • Courses
  • Presentation
  • Impulse presentations (provide an insight into the topic)

The following courses are generally constructed as follows:
The participants encounter in society and moderated by the authorized Neufeld course line video courses of Neufeld personally. This creates the opportunity to expand on site or online, talking the contents to clarify personal issues and to network with others interested.For the following course content certified:
  • Making sense of children
  • Making Sense of Adolescence
  • Making Sense of Aggression
  • Making Sense of Attention Problems
  • Making Sense of Counterwill
  • Making Sense of Discipline
  • Making Sense of Play
  • Making Sense of Preschoolers
  • Power to Parent I: The Vital Connection
  • Art and Science of Transplanting Children
  • The Teachability Factor