Alison Bowden, BSc (Kin), BSc (OT), MA (Counselling Psychology)High school counsellor/Registered Clinical Counsellor
Duncan, British Columbia
Course Facilitator

Alison is trained as both an Occupational Therapist and a Clinical Counsellor. She first came across Dr. Neufeld's work when she and her husband were trying to make sense of their sensitive and intense toddler! This material resonated so deeply with her and made such a difference in their lives, so began her quest to delve deeper into this developmental paradigm. Alison has completed the two year training program and is an authorized course facilitator. Using Dr. Neufeld's approach in her daily life continues to transform her and her relationships! Having faced many challenges in parenting, she brings humour, compassion and understanding to her courses and participants!

Alison is an authorized Neufeld Course Facilitator offering courses in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island to parents, educators, helping professionals and care providers. She is available to facilitate the following courses:

Power to Parent I: The Vital Connection

Power to Parent II: Helping Children Grow Up

Power to Parent III: Common Challenges

Making Sense of Discipline

Making Sense of Aggression

Making Sense of Anxiety

Heart Matters: The Science of Emotion

For more information about upcoming courses, please visit the calendar page or contact Alison directly.