• If you are looking for information about our 2-year facilitator diploma program, please note that this program was retired in June of 2019 and replaced with the support programs described below. For more information about the changes and implications for those who were interested in applying for 2-year facilitator diploma program, please download this PDF document.

 • If you are representing an agency, school board or church seeking information on how to get your own people equipped and supported to deliver a specific course, please contact our office for details. 

We are pleased when enthusiastic students wish to share the concepts they have learned in the courses they have taken with us. As long as intellectual property is recognized and concepts are properly referenced, we invite our students to do so. We reserve our formal support for this endeavour, however, for our more advanced students, as we believe that our courses are our best instrument for equipping in the attachment-based developmental paradigm.  

We are developing three levels of support for our students who wish to share the concepts they have learned with others. All support is delivered through our Virtual Campus. 

The first level of support begins with the completion of Neufeld Intensive II and is specifically designed for leading STUDY GROUPS with selected books and video material. The annual campus subscription fee for this level of support is $120. We are aiming to have this support in place by September 2020. 

The second level of support is available to students once they have completed our foundational studies (Intensives 1-3, Science of Emotion, Play 101). This support is provided for a number of our VIDEOCOURSES and is delivered through our Support Centre on Campus. Support Centre members are able to register for special facilitation versions of the courses, make arrangements for consults with our faculty, access special support materials, and attend Dr. Neufeld’s master classes. The base annual subscription fee for Support Center membership is $200. Other than the master classes, separate fees apply for the additional courses and consults. We plan to have this support fully in place by January 2020 although graduates of our foundational studies can begin as early as September, 2019. For more information, please download the following PDF document

The third level of support is to be formally LISTED as a course facilitator through our Institute website. Although not a requirement to run videocourse groups, a LISTING does communicate to the public a more formal level of endorsement and support. It should be noted however, that a listing cannot be counted upon to find students. Support Centre members can apply for listing after a minimum of one year of facilitation studies. As long as they remain active, listed facilitators receive complimentary campus access. We plan to have this support in place by January 2021. 

As stated above, our former two-year facilitator diploma program was retired in June of 2019 and is being replaced with the support programs outlined above. We are now able to support more of our students in more ways, as well as earlier in their course of studies with us, than before. For more detailed information, please download this PDF document.