We are currently in the process of updating our Facilitator Diploma Program. Given the volume of foundational new courses that Dr. Neufeld has created, new prerequisites* are being added to the program.

In order to implement these changes, we will not be accepting any new applications to our program for the 2018/2019 academic year. While we are pressing pause on our Facilitator Program, we will be offering all new prerequisite courses online in the coming year.


Facilitator Training

Our Institute provides training to equip individuals to facilitate Dr. Neufeld’s courses. Facilitator training is offered in several languages (English, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Hebrew). For program details in other languages, please consult the appropriate websites.

For English speakers we offer a two year Course Facilitator Diploma Program designed for Neufeld Intensive II graduates who are interested in becoming thoroughly equipped to facilitate our continuing education courses for parents, educators and/or helping professionals. The program includes a core curriculum of studies, training in the courses they wish to facilitate, regular master classes with Dr. Neufeld, and monthly consults with a faculty advisor. Tuition for this program is $2400 CAD.

We also offer abbreviated course-by-course training in situations where agencies, school boards and churches are looking to get their own people certified to deliver a specific course or courses. The course-by-course option does not involve a two-year time commitment, nor does it provide the added support of a faculty advisor. Typically tuition would be in the $500 CAD range per course.


*New Prerequisites for the Facilitator Program as of May 2018
In addition to the Neufeld Intensive I and II, added prerequisites will be the Neufeld Intensive III: Becoming Attached (available online Spring 2019), as well as the two introductory courses Heart Matters: The Science of Emotion, and Play 101

The foundation involves mastering the basic concepts of the attachment-based developmental theory and using the lenses of attachment, maturation and vulnerability to make sense of children. This is the objective of the Neufeld Intensive I. Even though individuals may have had significant exposure to Neufeld’s teaching, this Intensive is required to see the big picture and how everything knits together. The next step is to apply the knowledge acquired in the Level One Intensive to make sense of the typical problems that plague children. This is the objective of the Neufeld Intensive II.

Studies are conducted ONLINE via our Virtual Campus

Equipping and support is provided primarily through our virtual campus; participants require access to a computer and high-speed internet in order to participate. No special software is needed. Personal consults with the faculty advisor are typically done via telephone or Skype. Online support sessions are delivered through our videoconferencing system. Although the technical competencies to participate in this program are minimal, students are expected to take responsibility for any technical learning that is required.

Given the virtual nature of our program, we have an annual onsite Vancouver conference to provide the opportunity for students of our training programs to meet face to face. Seminars and workshops are provided by Dr. Neufeld and the Neufeld Faculty. Facilitator training students and graduates are encouraged to participate in this annual conference if it is at all feasible for them to do so.

Neufeld Course Facilitator Diploma Program overview

Dr. Neufeld has created over twenty courses through which to teach his attachment-based developmental approach to parents, teachers and helping professionals. These courses have been enhanced with study guides and supplementary resources and can be taken by individuals or groups online through our virtual campus. Groups are offered added support on location when possible, or via the internet when onsite support is not feasible.

Facilitators are trained to facilitate and support these courses to their own audiences and also potentially to assist with our Institute-scheduled online continuing education courses.

The two-year program involves in-depth study of the relevant Neufeld Institute courses and includes master classes with Dr. Neufeld and his faculty, practicum experience, supported case study, forum discussion, reflective journaling and regularly scheduled consults with faculty advisors.

Nature of Equipping

Our facilitator training program does NOT equip anyone in how to teach or how to lead groups. We expect that individuals come to our program with the requisite skills and already possess the required credentials to command the respect of their intended audience. Our role is to equip and support individuals in the teaching of Neufeld’s approach.

Basic Components of Training

Each program of studies is individualized according to the candidate’s interests, background and objectives. The basic components involve mastery of the theory, personal integration of the theory, and practice in making sense of children. Mastering the theory typically involves further study of the resources available on the Neufeld Virtual Campus. The personal integration component of the program involves the writing of journals, which in turn are responded to by the faculty advisors. The content of these journals includes personal reflections and provides a place to process challenges faced in the living out of this approach. The core experience of the practice component involves making sense of children through case study. This is facilitated through master class sessions with Dr. Neufeld and the Neufeld Institute Faculty.

Practicum Requirements

Course facilitators are also expected to arrange and run practicum groups as part of the certification process while receiving support and supervision from Neufeld Faculty.

Time Involvement

We assume that people already have full lives with their family and work commitments; however the ability to carve out several hours per week is a necessary prerequisite for involvement in this program. The more time students are able to devote to their studies, the richer the experience.


Tuition for the two-year Facilitator Diploma Program is $2400. You have the option of paying in three installments of $800 each – one upon acceptance, one six months later, and one at the start of the second year. Tuition includes mentorship from a faculty advisor, all of the resources (live and recorded) available on the Support Centre, rich discussion in the online forums, master classes with Dr. Neufeld, as well as certain number of training courses. Additional training courses may be added during or after completion of the program at an additional fee.

Complementary Support for Parent Consultants

We are committed to supporting professionally credentialed practitioners, whether in our Parent Consulting Diploma Program or not. Once accepted in the Facilitator Diploma Program, credentialed helping professionals are given complementary access to our campus practitioner centre where they can attend regularly-scheduled practitioner master classes with Dr. Neufeld as well as access supporting resources and a discussion forum.

Ongoing Facilitator Support & Further Facilitator Fees

We are committed to actively supporting our Facilitator Program graduates. In order to do this, there is an annual campus membership fee of $150 ($120 to renew). These fees are waived while in training. Where money has been earned in furthering this approach, we request a royalty fee of 15% be remitted to the Neufeld Institute to enable us to continue to support our facilitators and to further our reach.

Course-by-course Certification Program Overview

As stated in the overview, this program is designed for Intensive II graduates who are interested in facilitating one or more of our courses to their own audiences, typically through their own agencies, and for whom the 2-year diploma program may not be feasible. This program involves taking a training version of the course they wish to facilitate and doing a supervised practicum with one of our faculty. Fees for the training courses for the 6-8 hour DVDs are about $500 CAD and for the four-hour DVDs somewhat less.

We provide our course-by-course graduates with ongoing support through continued access to their training courses, provided they subscribe to campus membership ($150 per year, $120 to renew) and submit an annual agreement. Course-by-course graduates however do not get access to our campus support centre or Dr. Neufeld’s master classes, and are not listed on our public website.

Qualifying course-by-course students may apply to upgrade to the course facilitator diploma program for additional training and support.

Application Information

What We are Looking for in our Applicants

What we are looking for in our facilitator training students is: a passion for, and understanding of, the paradigm; a vision for furthering the approach; a professional demeanor; a love and understanding of children; personal integration of the material; the ability to express oneself in writing and speaking; and most importantly, a soft heart and a good head. Applicants seeking additional practitioner support are expected to have a professional degree in a helping profession such as social work, counselling, psychology, or medicine, as well as to be actively engaged in professional practice, and independently licensed and regulated.

Agreement with our Program Distinctives

It is important to us that our applicants both know and are in full accord with the distinctives of our program. We are as interested in selecting out those who are not really a match for this program as we are in selecting in those who are. If seriously interested in applying, please dowload the Program Distinctives to reflect upon and consider before applying.

How to Apply

Individuals must apply from within our virtual campus. If not already on our campus, please contact our Director of Training for a guest pass for this purpose. You will find the instructions for applying in our Facilitator Training Centre.

The typical entry point into the program is September, with applications due in early August of each year. Please note that applications are not considered until candidates have completed the Intensive II. Please contact the Director of Training if you have any questions about the details of the program or special circumstances that need to be considered. If the Intensives have been taken onsite rather than through continuing education, an assignment (similar to the completion assignments in the continuing education courses) will be given to assess mastery of the material as well as your ability to make sense of kids. Unfortunately we receive more qualified applications that we can presently accept, due to the limits of our own resources.