uncovering the emotional root of a diverse array of troubling symptoms including anxiety, agitation, attention problems, adrenalin-seeking and more 

Livestream Seminar on September 26, 2020

The troubling increase in the manifest problems of our children and youth is certainly cause for concern and begs for an explanation. When there are a number of phenomena happening in parallel, there is always the possibility of a single root cause that has somehow been overlooked or eclipsed.

The explosion of anxiety among today’s children and youth (especially girls) has been monumental, with no plausible explanation yet put forth that makes sense of all the facts.There has been a parallel explosion of agitation and attention problems (particularly in boys) – equally mysterious. Simultaneously there has been a general rise in allergies. At the same time, our adolescent wards have become filled with cutters and burners. Risk-taking and adrenalin-driven behaviour seem to have become more mainstream. Discipline problems seem to be increasing in both home and at school.

Studies into these separate phenomena are accumulating but explanations remain elusive. Meanwhile we struggle with symptom management through medication and behavioural strategies. Cognitive approaches to treatment have proliferated among children but are inaccessible to most, require highly trained experts, demand buy-in that is difficult to get from children, and fail to demonstrate lasting results. 
Are we missing something? Could there be a singular root cause to these problems? Could we be more effective in our approach? Could there be interventions that require less cooperation and consciousness on the part of children, and be more natural and intuitive on the part of the adults involved? Are there things we can do in the family, classroom and school that could make a significant difference?
In this one-day seminar, Dr. Neufeld puts the puzzle pieces together, using the lenses of attachment and primal emotion to trace these diverse phenomena and symptoms to a common root.  From the basis of this understanding, he offers interventions that can be employed by any parent, teacher and therapist to make a lasting difference. We cannot effectively address something we do not understand. This presentation will bring a fresh and promising perspective on many of our most troubling human problems.

Suitability & Applicability

While highly relevant to any parent, this course is designed to be especially applicable to educators and helping professionals.

The material is appropriate for 6 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) but students must apply individually for this credit through their own professional regulatory organizations.

A more detailed course syllabus is available upon request if required for CEU application purposes.

Time & Place

Saturday, September 26, 2020
9:00 AM to 4:00 PM PST

Online via ZOOM webinar platform. Registrants will receive the meeting link information via email.

Recording Access

The recording from this seminar will be used to form the basis for a new online course by the Neufeld Institute. The recording is not available to purchase after the live event, however, all registrants will receive exclusive access to the recording for 30 days following the live seminar.


Attendees may cancel their registration and receive a full refund until 4:00 pm PST on Thursday, September 24, 2020. After this date, cancellations will not be eligible for a refund, however, attendees will receive access to the seminar recording for 30 days.