A Neufeld Institute Conference
co-sponsored by Jack Hirose & Associates 

Resilience, Recovery & Relationship:

towards flourishing children and youth

Dr. Gordon Neufeld, Dr. Martin Brokenleg, Maria LeRose

and workshops presented by
Neufeld Institute Faculty Members
Dr. Deborah MacNamara, Tamara Strijack, Colleen Drobot,
Geneviève Brabant, Patti Drobot, Eva de Gosztonyi, Darlene Denis-Friske

Our remarkable human capacity for returning to optimal functioning after times of stress has a rather complicated relationship with attachment. Nothing inflicts greater wounds than facing separation from those we are attached to. Nothing shields us more than a safe emotional connection with a caring adult. In addition, optimal functioning itself is a fruit of fulfilling attachments.

Time & Place

This three day conference will take place from November 21-23, 2018.

RBC Convention Centre
375 York Avenue, Winnipeg, Canada


This event is hosted by Jack Hirose & Associates Inc.