In my work with autistic children and their parents, I see over and over again the painful attempts to engage nature’s dance of attachment. And I also see over and over how both child and parent give up, retreat, and attack in frustration, when, for some reason (and at great expense), this dance just isn’t working. The child is left isolated in his/her own little world, and the parents feel rejected, excluded and helpless. And so, the stage is set for escalating dynamics that ultimately result in the phenomenon diagnosed as autism.

The good news is that nature has an emergency plan for situations like this. Indeed, there is a backdoor to attachment for autistic children: play! 

In play, both parent and child are transported into a shared world where they can circumvent the stumbling blocks that the child’s hypersensitivity and defences place in the way of the dance of attachment. In play, even autistic children can form the deep attachments they need to flourish and reach their potential. 

I look forward to exploring these issues in the coming webinar, as well as how we can best facilitate play and playfulness in the autistic child.

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This webinar will take place from 10:00 to 11:30 am Pacific.


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