This is the second course in the Play series, preceded by Play 101 and followed by Play and Emotion.

True play requires relational support. On the other hand, attachments are more easily formed while in the play mode. In addition, the capacity for relationship unfolds first in the context of true play. And once relationships are formed, they are best preserved through play. These two basic human drives were meant to serve each other in remarkable ways but require a supporting culture of customs and rituals in order to do this.

Time & Place

This course runs for 7 weeks from 10-11 am on Tuesdays, starting with an orientation session on February 19th and wrapping up on April 9th, 2019. There is no class on March 5th.

All classes are recorded, so if you're unable to attend at the scheduled time, it's no problem to catch up!


This course builds on the conceptual foundations laid in the prerequisite courses Play 101 and the Neufeld Intensive I. The course itself is a prerequisite for the eight-session course, Play and Emotion.


This course is being hosted by the Neufeld Institute, a nonprofit organization with a world-wide reach, devoted to applying developmental science to the raising of children.


If a course is cancelled due to insufficient enrolment or other unforeseen circumstances, all registrants will have the option of receiving a full refund or credit.