Play is not what we will spontaneously think of in alarming times like these! And yet, it is precisely in times like these, when we are facing so much separation, so many futilities and so much uncertainty, that play is meant to come to the rescue. So how can we open the door to play – for us, for our children – when life seems to have us by the throat?

This is the first course in the Play series, followed by Play and Attachment & Play and Emotion.


Course participants will view the video material from their own computers through our virtual campus and come together weekly on Zoom as a group to discuss the material. While individuals can take this course at any time on their own through our continuing education program, this is a unique opportunity to meet with others weekly and be supported by a Neufeld Institute Faculty member.

All scheduled online classes are recorded. If you can't fit a live class into your day-time schedule, you can keep up by watching the recording later in the week.

All registrations include four months' access to our Virtual Campus which features Dr. Neufeld's video material, online support, discussion forums, study guides, supplementary resources, and much more. 

Suitability & Applicability

The information contained in this course is relevant to everyone in today's society. It is a must for all those involved with your children - parents, daycare provides, early educators. It is also highly recommended for all serious students of Nature and all those who seek to play midwife to the unfolding of human potential. Playfulness is the key to healthy development and emotional well-being - a subject that is salient to everyone.

Time & Place

This course runs for 5 weeks from 9:30-10:30 am Pacific on Thursdays, starting with an orientation session on March 10th and wrapping up on April 7th, 2022. 

All classes are recorded, so if you're unable to attend at the scheduled time, it's no problem to catch up.


Play 101 serves as a prerequisite to additional advanced courses with play as the focus, namely Play & Attachment and Play & Emotion, which are available to take as Self-Paced Study format.  Although Play 101 does not have any prerequisites, the advanced courses on play do have additional prerequisites. Please check those courses for further details.


If a course is cancelled due to insufficient enrolment or other unforeseen circumstances, all registrants will have the option of receiving a full refund or credit.