Making Sense of Caring and Empathy in Kids:
The Sorry Plane in Action

Why can kids act caring one minute only to erupt in aggression in another? What are we to do when they lack caring or hurt others? We want to cultivate empathy in our kids but how can we do this without using artificial, and often detrimental measures like rewards, praise, or punishment to get there?  Using the children’s picture book, The Sorry Plane, we will examine the developmental science behind caring and empathy and how to grow kids who care. 

The Sorry Plane, written by Deborah MacNamara and illustrated by Zoe Si, is the first book to display the Neufeld Institute Recommended Seal. The initiative, established in 2019, recognizes children’s literature that is congruent with developmental science as well as with the relational-developmental approach articulated by Dr. Gordon Neufeld at the Neufeld Institute. Available now at

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This webinar is suitable for parents and professionals.

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This webinar takes place from 10:00 to 11:30 am Pacific on Wednesday, January 15, 2020.


This course is being hosted by the Neufeld Institute, a nonprofit organization with a world-wide reach, devoted to applying developmental science to the raising of children.


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