Dr. Neufeld will deliver this keynote address at the Institute of Child Psychology’s 2021 Annual Children’s Mental Health Symposium

Mastering the Art of Attachment with Children in Our Care

An understanding of the pivotal role of attachment in the lives of our children is certainly increasing. Most caregivers – parents and professionals alike – now appreciate the fact that attachment is our preeminent need and that facing separation is our greatest threat. This insight certainly helps make sense of children (and ourselves) but how does one translate the theory of attachment into everyday practice? And how does one practice attachment when it is neither a skill set nor a set of behaviours? And how does one nurture and foster the attachments between children and other adults the child is in need of?

In this keynote address, Dr. Neufeld will talk about mastering the art of attachment. The dance of attachment is the oldest human dance – primal, primordial and primeval. As we continue to lose the cultures that preserved this instinctive dance, we need science more than ever to help bring it back into our consciousness. The principles discussed will apply to any attachment relationship, marriage included, but our focus will be on dancing with the children in our care.

Time & Place

This online conference takes place from April 23-25, 2021 and is hosted by the Institute of Child Psychology. Please contact their office with all inquiries about this event.