Dr. Neufeld will deliver this keynote address at the Learning Disabilities Institute’s 46th Conference.

Helping Children Flourish

We all want our children and students to thrive – to become all they were meant to be, despite the challenges they may face. But how is this to be accomplished? What conditions are required for optimal functioning? What experiences are essential to the unfolding of human potential regardless of the specific handicaps they may experience? Dr. Neufeld will put the pieces together to reveal rather surprising answers to this quintessential question of human development. When children face special challenges, this knowledge is even more important to keep in mind. A consciousness of the irreducible needs of children and youth is a much needed antidote to a society that has become outcome driven and a culture that has lost its intuitive wisdom.


Time & Place

Dr. Neufeld's keynote address will take place on March 25, 2021. As it part of the conference as a whole, please consult the conference website for all details and with all inquiries.