Berlin, Germany – Sept 29 – Oct 3 – Advanced Intensive on Play
This Intensive explores the role of true play in the development of children and in emotional health and well-being for all.  Contact Celena Krahn for more information.
Kiev, Ukraine – Oct 11 – 14 – Day Seminars plus Two-Day Course on Marriage
These public seminars are organized by our international director for the Russian language. The events will be translated into Russian. The two-day marriage seminar will be streamed live in both English and Russian and so can be taken from anywhere in the world. The dates for this seminar are October 13-14. Please contact Olga Pisaryk for more information or visit this website.

Copenhagen, Denmark – Oct 25-27 – Public Parent Address and Day Seminars for Teachers
These events are being organized by Grete Lyngdorf, the Neufeld Institute’s regional director for Denmark. The two-day seminars for teachers are on School Readiness and Sensitivity & Hypersensitivity. Please contact Grete  for more information.

Zurich, Switzerland – Oct 29 – Day Seminar for the Public
The topic of this seminar is “Keeping Children Safe in a Wounding World”. The event is being organized by Michael Miedaner, the Neufeld Institute’s regional director for Switzerland. Please contact Michael for more information.

Helsingborg and Stockholm, Sweden – Oct 30-31 – Day Seminars for Teachers
The topic of the Helsingborg seminar is on how peer orientation is affecting our students.   The topic for the Stockholm seminar is resilience.  These events are being organized by Jonas Himmelstrand, the Neufeld Institute director for Sweden.  Please contact Jonas for more information.