We like to think that delivering courses is what we do best. It is our raison d’être as an educational institute, so one would hope this would be true. We offer more than twenty courses that can be taken in a variety of ways, in order to suit the diverse needs and circumstances of our students. 

Typically, Dr. Neufeld’s filmed lectures constitute the skeleton of our online courses, supplemented with various kinds of support and material, including live or recorded support sessions with faculty and forum support – depending upon whether the course is taken through self-study, scheduled online classes, or privately arranged groups.  Dr. Neufeld still delivers the occasional course live, mostly through Neufeld Institute destination events, filming events, and externally-arranged events.  Please consult his speaking schedule for his course offerings.

Some of the courses can also be taken in a live ‘videocourse‘ format, where members of a group view the filmed lectures of Dr. Neufeld together, followed by discussion and support provided by a course facilitator listed on our website. Groups can contact the Neufeld Office for details and recommendations. 

For some of the courses, the video of Dr. Neufeld’s lectures can be purchased independently in a number of formats – DVDs, USB sticks, downloads and streaming. (Please note that we are still working on the alternatives to DVDs . Please check the product page for details). Supporting materials (handouts and study guides, forum support, supplementary material) are NOT available with video purchase alone; they are reserved for the more comprehensive versions of the courses.

Online Campus Courses

Video material is reviewed independently while being enriched by supplemental resources on campus and amply supported by faculty & facilitators.

Public Online Classes

Most courses are scheduled annually by the Neufeld Institute. Advanced versions of these courses are available for those who have taken the prerequisite core Intensives.

Self-Paced Study

Courses are taken independently as individuals.

Facilitated Groups

Courses are arranged by facilitators & agencies, or upon request by a pre-existing group.


DVD material is viewed in small groups and supported by authorized facilitators at settings convenient for the group.

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Faculty Presentations

Dr. Neufeld’s courses are delivered by our faculty to larger groups upon request.

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Campus Courses (aka continuing education courses)

For most people, the campus course is the best way to take one of our courses. Campus courses offer flexibility; students can take these courses from anywhere their computer is hooked up to the internet and at anytime, if opting to go with self-paced study. With campus courses, the filmed lectures are watched on our virtual campus via video-streaming. DVDs are also available for a nominal fee to registered students.

A study pass for our virtual campus is included with campus course registration. This is a huge advantage, giving students access to the wealth of general resources available for everyone on campus, including access to our virtual library: written articles, audio and video recordings, stories, recorded online presentations by Dr. Neufeld and faculty members, and more. In addition, each course page contains resources that have been gathered specifically to enrich Dr. Neufeld’s video material, including study guides, support sessions, discussion forums, and optional study material. As a bonus, all students on the campus have access to live online monthly Q&As with our Faculty, which are exclusive to campus members. Campus courses offer flexibility; students can take these courses at any time from anywhere their computer is hooked up to the internet.

Campus Course Options

Self-Paced Study

Many individuals take our campus courses on their own. The greatest advantage is being able to pace yourself to suit your needs and your style. The online classes are available to self-paced students in a recorded format, and you can always access assistance through the discussion forum.

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Institute-Scheduled Online Classes (faculty-led)

We offer our most popular courses at least once a year as scheduled online classes. Individuals watch the video material on their own and come together for scheduled online class. We have people from all over the world who participate in these online cohorts, providing a rich group experience. Please consult the EVENTS calendar for scheduled campus courses.

Campus members who have taken the Neufeld Intensive I and II and want the opportunity for more in-depth study may qualify to take the enhanced versions of these campus courses that build on the foundational material presented in the Intensives (ie, Advanced Courses). For more information about campus membership, click here.

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Facilitated Groups

Existing groups (10 or more people) can arrange to have a campus course customized to the group’s particular needs and schedule. One of our faculty or trained facilitators will provide support through tailored application of the material – offering examples, addressing questions and moderating group discussion. If it can be arranged, the support can be provided on location. Otherwise, we are well-equipped, resourceful and experienced at delivering our support via the internet.

Please consult the specific course pages for information regarding tuition fees, course descriptions and course outlines. 


We have a wonderful group of course facilitators who are equipped to deliver and support our courses in their own geographical regions. Our course facilitators have either graduated from our previous 2-year diploma program or successfully applied for listing after completing a course of facilitation studies and accumulating the necessary experience.

Videocourses are delivered at a setting convenient for the group. The typical format involves showing the DVD material in a group setting, followed by discussion. Groups are usually arranged by host organizations (e.g. schools, churches, community centres, social agencies), by the facilitators themselves, or by an enterprising individual.

The disadvantage of this format is that it is only available to individuals living in the geographical area of a Neufeld Course Facilitator certified to deliver the course you are wanting to take. If you are interested in taking a course in this way, please consult the Faculty/Facilitators pages on our website to find a facilitator in your community.

Not all courses are available in videocourse format. Certain courses require the support that only our campus courses can effectively provide: the Intensives, Teachability Factor, Transplanting Children, Attachment Puzzle, Resilience, Hypersensitivity, and advanced Play courses (Play and Attachment, Play and Emotion). The guided discussion, supplemental materials and faculty support are essential elements of these courses.

Faculty Presentations

If you have a pre-existing group that is quite large, we may be able to make arrangements for one of our Faculty to come to you to deliver the course. Our Neufeld Institute Faculty have all studied personally with Dr. Neufeld, mastering the theory and application of the attachment-based developmental approach. They are all skilled presenters, equipped to deliver Dr. Neufeld’s courses and to do so in their own unique ways.

If you are an organization or agency interested in making arrangements for one of our faculty to deliver a course, please consult with the Neufeld Office.