We believe the best way to take one of Dr. Neufeld’s courses is through a scheduled online class with one of our faculty members.

This brings together the best of two worlds:

  1. the ability to study through the comfort of your own home; and
  2. the opportunity to meet weekly with a group at a scheduled time to receive further live instruction from one of our faculty members and to be able to ask questions and discuss the material in an interactive videoconferencing format.

Each course is delivered through our virtual campus and has a similar structure, whether you are taking it through self-paced study, in a facilitated group, or through a scheduled online class.

In each course, a professionally filmed video of Dr. Neufeld teaching to a live audience forms the core of the course material. The course is broken up into more easily digestible sessions, usually an hour in length. Before coming to the scheduled support class, you would need to view this material.

In addition to the video material, a study guide has been developed to help in processing the course material. This guide includes slides from the course with space for note-taking, insight pages, primers for integration and application, and group discussion questions.

Each session also includes supplemental resources that have been gathered to further illustrate the themes and dynamics introduced in the course material. These resources may include other recordings by Dr. Neufeld and his faculty, related articles, editorials, stories, presentations, etc.

A designated discussion forum for each scheduled online class is moderated by the course instructor. This is a wonderful opportunity for processing and applying the material to your particular setting and receiving feedback from someone who has been equipped through the Neufeld Institute. The questions and comments that are raised in the discussion forum can be brought to the live classes for further interaction.

Course participants who have taken multiple courses through the Neufeld Institute have appreciated the unique flavour that each faculty member brings – as they come from varied cultures, backgrounds and fields of study. Besides the “text book” of Dr. Neufeld’s video material, our past students have found this faculty-supported component of the course to be one of the most beneficial in furthering their understanding, as the examples that are shared, the different perspectives that are offered, and the ability to spend more time on certain concepts and slides, allows for deeper integration.

In terms of time commitment for our scheduled online classes, this usually involves anywhere from 3 to 6 hours. You would need to factor in time to view the video material (1 hour); to read and/or review the supplemental resources (from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on how many resources you take advantage of); to attend the weekly online faculty-led class (usually 1 hour); as well as time for your own processing and forum response (30 minutes to 1 hour).

A verification of attendance is provided at the end of a scheduled online course for those that have participated through the live online classes and/or through the forum. In order to receive a completion certificate for the Neufeld Intensive I and II courses, you are also required to submit a completion assignment to show your integration of the course material. For both the Intensive I and II, this involves a short written assignment where you have the opportunity to apply the course material to a case study that we provide for you.

When you register for a course, you will receive a study pass to our virtual campus. Once you have completed a course with us, you have the opportunity to purchase a campus membership to continue taking advantage of all the resources our campus has to offer, including access to the course material for any course you have taken through the Neufeld Institute. If you sign up while still on campus, the annual cost is $120; if you sign up after your study pass has lapsed, the annual cost is $150.