Cathy Deacon BA, BSW
Social Worker
Whitehorse, Yukon
Course Facilitator

Cathy has been working with high risk youth and their families for 30 years, first as a youth probation officer and then the past 20 years as a social worker/counselor of high risk youth and families. Cathy has under graduate degrees in Criminology (Simon Fraser University) and Social Work (University of British Columbia) and has received certification in the topic of counseling youth who have committed sexual offenses at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. Cathy was introduced to the Neufeld paradigm in 2005 when she attended her first Level One Intensive. Since then she has attended Level Two Intensive and has now repeated both to gain further understanding. Cathy recently retired from the Yukon Territorial Government, where her practice related to the treatment and risk management of high risk youth (and families) 12 to 17 years of age. She consults with staff and youth in the Youth Justice system. She is passionate about assisting parents in balancing attachment needs with their teen's need for independence. Cathy is married with two children.

Cathy offers Power to Parent I: The Vital Connection. Please contact her for information and to register.