There is much focus today on children’s emotions. Constructs like emotional intelligence, emotional self-regulation, emotional well-being and emotional social learning are being bandied about like never before. Emotion, long dismissed as a nuisance factor, is now confirmed to be at the core of development and well-being. Yet little is being taught about the nature of emotion or the implications for parenting and teaching and treatment. In this workshop, Dr. Neufeld does a brilliant job of putting the pieces together to make sense of emotion, revealing the emotional roots of many behavioural problems, and clarifying the challenges for parents, teachers and helping professionals.

Dr. Neufeld outlines five basic steps to emotional health and development so adults can foster emotional well-being and get to the root of such problems as alarm, anxiety, agitation, aggression, impulsiveness, lack of empathy, bullying, and so on. This workshop is powerful in the insight it provides as well as the changes it inspires. To make sense of emotion is to make sense of us all. There is no better way to glean insight into oneself and others. Having a working knowledge of the science of emotion should be a prerequisite for anyone responsible for children or working with adults. While the focus of the workshop is on children and youth, the content is applicable to individuals of all ages. This workshop is highly recommended for all helping professionals, educators and parents.

Time & Place

This one day workshop will take place on November 3, 2017 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (changed from original date of October 25, 2017).

Specific location details are to be announced soon on the Jack Hirose & Associates Inc. website.


This event is hosted by Jack Hirose & Associates Inc.