The Centre of Excellence for Behaviour Management
Montreal, Canada
November 2017

In this presentation, Dr. Neufeld will look to make sense of the dynamics of emotion and play in the lives of children. He will focus on the importance of creating playgrounds for the primal emotions of frustration, alarm, intensified pursuit, and the alpha instincts. After describing the importance of emotion in human development and how to best come to terms with this common and necessary experience, he will focus on how to facilitate healthy emotional expression. Among other strategies he will explain how to “play” with emotion: playing with words, playing with roles, playing with monsters, playing with toys, playing with music, playing with voices and playing with separation. He will tease apart emergent play, expressive play and social play. Dr. Neufeld will propose ways for making room for emotion and play to dance together to help promote optimum conditions for the mental well being of our children.


Time & Place

Dr. Neufeld's presentation will take place from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

NEW Location as of September 7/17:
8860 Boul. Langelier
Saint Léonard, Quebec


This event is hosted by The Centre of Excellence for Behaviour Management.

Further Information

For further information, please contact Sue Chartrand.