Advanced Intensive: Making Sense of Therapy
the art and science of healing

There have never been more schools of psychotherapy, more training available for psychotherapists, and more therapy practices to master. Yet despite all this, there is little in the field of psychotherapy that is directly inspired by an understanding of the attachment-based developmental approach. A second concern is that the practice of psychotherapy itself seems to be increasingly divorced from the science of relationship, the science of emotion and the science of human development. This 15-session course has been created as a beginning attempt to address these issues.


This Advanced Intensive explores the art and science of healing through the lens of the attachment-based developmental approach. This course is also a vehicle for Dr. Neufeld to share the experiences and insights gleaned from his extensive experience as a psychotherapist. This course is currently offered in live format only.  Although directed towards psychotherapists, formal training as a helping professional is not required. 

Suitability & Applicability

Since the issues of healing and change are universal, this course is open to ALL graduates of the Neufeld Intensive II, regardless of the nature and level of their formal education. Rather than being constrained by the contemporary specialized definition of psychotherapy as the ‘treatment of disorder', Dr. Neufeld will be using the root definition that originally inspired the field of psychotherapy  - ‘a cure for the soul’.

This course is for all Intensive II alumni who desire to become better midwifes to the healing process, who yearn to help get others unstuck, who are curious about the therapeutic process, as well as those who want to make their therapeutic practice more congruent with their commitment to the attachment-based developmental approach. Although the focus is on therapy, the Intensive is not just for therapists but for anyone who wants to make sense of therapy, including the phenomena of healing, transformation, recovery and resilience.

Time & Place

This course takes place from Monday, January 29 to Friday, February 2, 2018 from 8:30 am to 1:30 pm (includes two 15 minute breaks, with time free in the afternoon to enjoy the beaches and attractions nearby). Please note that registrants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements.


The course will be held at Hotel Elcano in Acapulco, Mexico. The Hotel Elcano is located at Av Costera Miguel Aleman 75, Acapulco, Gro. Mexico CP. 39690. For the English translation of their website, click here


Individuals who are part of the course have been offered a special rate by the Hotel Elcano. Single occupancy rooms are available at approximately $150 CAD all inclusive (three meals and most beverages) and approximately $210 CAD for double occupancy all inclusive. Please note that the cost in CAD is approximate due to the exchange rate. The rate in pesos is $2400 (double occupancy) and $1750 (single occupancy) per night. These costs included taxes, all meals and national drinks from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm. The hotel will charge in USD at the exchange rate of the day that payment is made (upon arrival at the hotel). Reservations may be made by calling the hotel directly (do not use the online reservation forum). You must use the following code at the time of booking to receive the conference discount: NEUFELD.

Other hotels nearby include the Grand Hotel Acapulco, One Acapulco, and the Acapulco Malibu. We would recommend the Hotel Elcano as the first option.


If you are flying from Canada via Air Canada, you can fly to Acapulco via Mexico City on one ticket. This will most likely involve an overnight stay in Mexico City, however. We suggest the Hilton Mexico City Airport Hotel as being most convenient. This year, Aeromexico also offers a non-overnight flight from Vancouver.

Alternately, you can fly to Mexico City and then use InterJet for the short commuter flight to Acapulco. We have been very impressed with this airline and it is quite reasonable.


Making Sense of Therapy is open to all who have completed the Neufeld Intensive II, as well as Heart Matters: The Science of Emotion.

If you haven't taken either of these courses yet, but wish to join us in Acapulco, there is still time to complete the pre-requisites via self-paced study. If you have not completed the prerequisite courses at the time of registration for the Making Sense of Therapy, please inform our course registrar of your intentions and ensure that you leave sufficient time to complete the prerequisite courses before Making Sense of Therapy begins in January 2018. 

As a reminder, our advanced intensives are offered live by Dr. Neufeld only. They are not available via self-study.


This course is being hosted by the Neufeld Institute, a nonprofit organization with a world-wide reach, devoted to applying developmental science to the raising of children.


A full refund will be issued for cancellations made prior to 2 weeks before the course starts. Deposits are non-refundable for cancellations made within the 2 weeks prior to the start of the course.

Further Information

Tuition is $900 per person. Please note that a $200 deposit is required in order to secure your spot, with the outstanding balance due by December 1, 2017.

Please note that our registration form only allows you to pay the full tuition. If you would like to pay the $200 deposit only at this time, please submit the registration form, then simply close out of the Paypal window that opens up. You may call our office to pay the deposit with Visa or MasterCard (604-263-4278).

Tuition includes access to our Virtual Campus (until March 2018) where course information will be posted.