Friday, April 28, 2017

7:00-9:00 pm Dr. Deborah MacNamara—Evening Address
Nourish: Why Food and Relationship Belong Together
Westminster Ballroom


Saturday, April 29, 2017

8:00-9:00 am Registration Foyer
9:00-10:15 am Dr. Gordon Neufeld—Opening Address
Keys to Resilience
Grand Ballroom A—C
10:15-10:35 am Morning Break (20 minutes) Foyer
10:35-11:50 am Sessions A See Session Detail
11:50 am-1:00 pm Lunch
Independently, or you may pre-order an optional buffet lunch for $26
Grand Ballroom C
1:00-2:15 pm Sessions B See Session Detail
2:15-2:30 pm Afternoon Break (15 minutes) Foyer
2:30-3:45 pm Sessions C See Session Detail
3:45-3:55 pm Transition to Final Address
No refreshments available at this time. Book and DVD sales closed.
3:55-4:30 pm Door Prizes
Dr. Gordon Neufeld—Final Address
Keys to Resilience
Grand Ballroom A—C


Saturday Session Detail

SESSIONS A — 10:35 am to 11:50 am
A1 – Resilience and the Adolescent Rites of Passage Presentation Tamara Strijack Grand B
A2 – Q&A on Food and Attachment Q&A Deborah MacNamara Westminster N
A3 – Supporting the Anxious Child Presentation Patti Drobot Grand A
A4 – Cultivating Resilience in a School Setting Presentation Colleen Drobot Tivoli’s II
A5 – Roundtable: Walking the Maze of the Mental Health System with My Child Roundtable Terry Warburton Skyview (8th flr)
A6 – Resilience and the Brain Presentation Eva de Gosztonyi Exec Boardroom
A7 – Alpha Children: Dancing Your Way Back into the Lead Presentation Genevieve Schreier Fraser S
A8 – Resilience in Motion: A Journey of Stories and Pictures Presentation Darlene Denis-Friske Fraser N
A9 – The Up-Side of Upset: Emotions and the Road to Resilience Presentation Michele Maurer Westminster S
A10 – Q&A on the Role of Grandparents in Cultivating Resilience Q&A Joy Neufeld, Lorraine Beaudry Concord (3rd flr)
SESSIONS B — 1:00-pm to 2:15 pm
B1 – Hypersensitivity: Special Challenges Regarding Resilience  Presentation Gordon Neufeld Tivoli’s II
B2 – Alpha Problems and Resilience Presentation Deborah MacNamara Grand B
B3 – Aggression, Adaptation, and Resilience Presentation  Patti Drobot Westminster S
B4 – Softening the Defenses: Helping Children Face Vulnerability and Gain Resilience Presentation Colleen Drobot Grand A
B5 – Understanding Counterwill and Cultivating Cooperation Presentation Dan Nault Heather Ferguson Grand C
B6 – Q&A on Adolescence Q&A Christie Mackie Concord (3rd flr)
B7 – The Neuroscience of Resilience (for graduates of the Neufeld Intensive I) Presentation Eva de Gosztonyi Exec Boardroom
B8 – Special Challenges in Resilience: Fostering, Adoption, and Divorce Presentation Geneviève Brabant Fraser S
B9 – Roadblock to Resilience: The Problem of Addiction (for graduates of the Neufeld Intensive II) Presentation Terry Warburton Westminster N
B10 – Supporting Emotional Expression in Schools Presentation Martine Demers Fraser N
B11 – Roundtable: Loss, Grief, and Resilience Roundtable April Quan Skyview (8th flr)
SESSIONS C — 2:30 pm to 3:45 pm
C1 – Resilience and the Digital World – A New Frontier  Presentation Tamara Strijack Grand A
C2 – Tears and Tantrums: Understanding Frustration and Aggression Presentation Deborah MacNamara Grand B
C3 – Q&A on Sibling Rivalry Q&A Patti Drobot, Colleen Drobot Westminster S
C4 – Consciously Integrating Families – The New Blended Presentation Jodi Bergman Fraser N
C5 – Stuck on You: Adolescent Sexuality and Nature’s Design  Presentation Robin Brooks-Sherriff Tivoli’s II
C6 – Cultivating Resilience in the Defended or Stuck Child (for practitioners and parent consultants who have taken the Neufeld Intensive I)  Presentation Darlene Denis-Friske Westminster N
C7 – Resilience and Special Needs in School Presentation Eva de Gosztonyi Concord (3rd flr)
C8 – Carving out the Space for Play Presentation Genevieve Schreier Fraser S
C9 – Attachment-Safe and Developmentally Friendly Discipline – Keeping Resilience in Mind  Presentation Geneviève Brabant Grand C
C10 – Boys, Men, and Tears Presentation David Robertson Exec Boardroom
C11 – Roundtable: Resilience in Indigenous Communities Roundtable Denise Findlay Skyview (8th flr)